What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)

Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) has attracted a lot of user attention, so is it worth your time? There are nearly 10,000 people mining online for free every day. How much profit can he bring you?

In the cryptocurrency industry, people get rich every day, and people get huge airdrops every day, just because they pay attention to some projects in advance and spend some time understanding and participating in them. Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) has recently been adopted by more and more users Mention, so what is he, what value can he create, and what can he bring to you?


What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)?

Universal Basic Asset:Construct SocialFi network and Decentralized Identity (DID) system with privacy protection in WEB 3.0.Universal Basic Asset introduces the concept of UBI, through research and analysis of users and their relationships, transforms the user relationships that originally existed off-chain to the chain, establishes a user relationship network on the chain, and uses the UBA network rating and analysis mechanism to cooperate with PageRank and other algorithms , to accurately analyze users and open it to WEB 3.0 developers.Universal Basic Asset uses zero-knowledge proof to build a user data privacy layer. Through this privacy layer, users can still prove their identity and the validity of their identity tags without exposing their data to the chain. In this way, the SocialFi network and Decentralized Identity (DID) system with privacy protection in WEB 3.0 are constructed.

What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)

Universal Basic Asset APP

Universal Basic Asset was founded in Canada in 2021. On the official uba.finance website, the service is described as a service that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies on your computer or smartphone.


If you’re familiar with crypto mining, you know that it often requires expensive, specialized equipment that consumes energy at an exorbitant rate. The high cost of cryptocurrency mining discourages many people, but UBA Finance attracts many people because it allows smart phone mining, and does not need to install an app, just open the official website and register an account with an email address,or visit the website in the cryptocurrency wallet browser and connect to the wallet, you can simply participate in mining.

What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)

It is undeniable that the operation of UBA Finance is very simple, but it does not mean that it is bad. Universal Basic Asset (UBA) brings the relationship that traditionally exists under the chain to the on-chain through simple mining, quickly accumulates users, and operates various tools and algorithms to form a set of its own UBA, provideding to WEB3.0 developers.

Based on the UBA user relationship network, UBA will support developers to create high-quality ecological projects, including but not limited to chat software, forums, social platforms and other applications.

SocialFi developers can call on the relationship and influence of UBA’s massive users through the UBA network, skip the cold start link, and focus on the development itself.

GameFi developers can use the UBA network and user labeling functions to carry out product activities such as customized tasks, exclusive mining pools, joint NFTs, airdrops, etc., so as to accurately import traffic around the target user group.

What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)

What is the UBA economic system?


UBA Crypto Trader and UBA Influencer 3D Avatar are the embodiment of users’ identities in the UBA ecosystem, and are currently logged into the Binance NFT and OKX NFT markets. Own exclusive rights and interests: such as NFT mining pool, increase mining coefficient, governance voting.


SUBA is the user’s identity proof in the UBA network, which is different from UBA NFT. SUBA will be introduced into the entire UBA ecology, has the rights and interests of UBA NFT, and will be able to give priority to participating in ecological projects and receive rewards in the future.

SUBA features:

  • Non-transferable: Users cannot transfer SUBA to other users;
  • Uniqueness: A user can only receive one SUBA

UBA Ticket

UBA Ticket is distributed fairly according to the user’s online time, and the output is reduced by 25% every year. In the UBA ecology, UBA Ticket will be used to exchange Ticket Quota and UBA Token, NFT upgrade and synthesis, pledge UBA Ticket to improve user level and team level coefficient, etc.

UBA Token

The Universal Basic Asset Token (UBA Token) is the project’s governance token. UBA Token is used to support the development of the UBA ecosystem and has a maximum circulation of one billion tokens.


According to the official description:UBA plans to vote through the community in the second quarter of 2023. Based on the UBA user relationship network, it will support developers and create ecologically high-quality projects, including but not limited to chat software, forums, social platforms and other applications. Further stabilize the relationship among group members, increase activity and influence.

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What is the Universal Basic Asset(UBA Finance)

We have reason to believe that Universal Basic Asset Token will play its own advantages in the WEB 3.0 social field and build a social ecology. At the same time, it can also bring good benefits to users who have paid attention to this project in the early stage. Let us spend some time every day to experience online mining. We look forward to the early launch of UBA on the main network to realize the circulation of UBA Token and bring value to everyone.


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