• US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts
  • DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product
  • S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Cryptocurrency Indexes in 2021 S&P Dow Jones Indices to Launch Cryptocurrency Indexes in 2021
  • Alaya: The Dark Horse in the Field of AI Data

    With the rapid advancement of AI technology, the significance of data in the field of AI is becoming increasingly evident. The quality, quantity, and diversity of data directly impact the performance and accuracy of AI models. Alaya aspires to be a leader in the field of AI search by focusing on these three aspects. It aims to utilize blockchain technology to collect and annotate data, ultimately providing people with higher-quality data. Data Quality In the field of AI, data quality holds paramount importance for model training and predictive accuracy. High-quality…

  • Alaya: The Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Data

    In the 1940s, the third wave of technological revolution was set in motion by historical titans, propelling humanity onto the vast stage of a new era. Computer technology and space exploration ushered our species into uncharted territories. While the populace revealed the conveniences afforded by these groundbreaking innovations, they couldn’t escape the shadows of uncertainty, a fear that this newfound technology might displace them, leading them to unemployment. However, the passage of countless years has brought forth the Golden Age, providing resounding answers to the people’s concerns. In this period,…

  • GMC has proven through practice the importance of providing complete delivery and equity protection.

    In the global economy, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency assets and physical assets has always been an important and complex issue. However, with the emergence of blockchain technology, Gold Mountain Coin (GMC), as a cryptographic token anchored to physical economic forest assets, provides investors with a way to participate through a comprehensive solution and on-chain investment opportunities, while ensuring complete delivery support and equity protection.   The biggest feature of GMC lies in its anchoring to physical economic forest assets. This anchoring gives GMC tokens real and stable value support,…

  • Exploring the Innovations and Breakthroughs of GMC, the World’s First Cryptocurrency Project Anchoring Physical Economic Forest Assets

    With the development of the global economy, traditional physical economic forest assets face a series of challenges, such as high capital requirements, long return cycles, and insufficient asset utilization and liquidity. At the same time, there is strong market demand for carbon sequestration business and undergrowth economy worldwide.   To address these issues and meet market demands, GMC proposes an innovative solution. According to GMC’s vision, through blockchain technology and an encrypted token circulation system, we can establish an ecosystem project fully anchored by off-chain economic forest assets and achieve…

  • aelfUnion Node Presale – An Exciting Beginning

      aelfUnion recently made waves within the industry by announcing its mission to champion and help drive the advancement of the aelf ecosystem. Recognized as a consortium comprising trailblazers, developers, and international enterprises, aelfUnion has emphasized its commitment to fostering consensus and accelerating the trajectory of the aelf blockchain. Today, aelfUnion has launched its node presale, an event expected to run until 10th September. This presale presents a golden opportunity for users keen on taking on a bigger role in leading and governing a rapidly expanding community, and help set…


    Dear users of DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED :     On October 31, 2022, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government officially released the “Policy Declaration on the Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong” during the Hong Kong Fintech Week, clarifying the government’s policy position and guidelines for developing a vibrant virtual asset industry and ecosystem in Hong Kong. Prior to this, the government had expressed its ambition to become a global virtual asset center     In response to the government’s declaration, DIGITAL ISSUE CENTER LIMITED , with…

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  •  Announcement from Hong Kong Digital Cash Exchange (HKDCE)

    Dear HKDCE users:   HKDCE is proud to announce that we will soon launch the first physical asset-backed cryptocurrency project, Gold Mountain Coin (GMC), on our spot trading market.     Schedule:   We will officially launch GMC on August 28, 2023, and enable GMC/USDT trading pair. Deposit: Effective upon launch (Supported network: TRC20) Trading: 16:00 August 28, 2023 (HK, UTC+8) Withdrawal: 16:00 August 28, 2023(HK, UTC+8) Smart Contract: TRC20     What is GMC?   GMC is a physical asset-backed cryptocurrency project. It is a digital asset token issued…

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  • MetaSecond.AI OG Event – 1st Meta Solider Recruitment Event

    Get ready for the Meta Soldier Recruitment — the verrrry 1st OG event for MetaSecond.AI! Buckle up buttercups, the hype train is leaving the station! Calling all brave-hearts and adventure-seekers, this is your chance to become a Meta Soldier — the most badass role in our community! Be an early bird and join MetaSecond.AI to help build and protect our metaverse. This ain’t no soldier boy-band, only the strong survive! 💪 Ready to catch this neuro-train to fame and fortune? Enlist now before spots run out! Hustle hustle, no time…

  • Project Analysis: Alaya, a Data Provision Service for Artificial Intelligence

    The popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to the emergence of projects on this concept. Most of them are focused on modeling applications, and a number of excellent products have appeared. But today we are going to focus on Alaya, a provider of underlying data-based services, which uses the concept of gamification to collect and label data for AI, and finally provide higher quality data to algorithms. Here we will experience the product Alaya, first of all, visit his official website to view the basic information of the project:…

  • Alaya:High-quality data is the future of AI

    As the field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, security and stability have improved, and so have the requirements for data quality. If the former algorithm model using the general data set is the rough food, then now the algorithm model needs to be customized nutritional meal. If companies want to further improve the ability to implement the model, they must gradually move away from the original common data set and Internet data, and actively engage in customized data collection to create a core data barrier. At present, the world-wide…

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